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Friday, February 15, 2013


Good Afternoon:

Seems I am running behind today.  I have a bit of what my Momma called "lead in the arse".  Actually I have been doing research for my new book coming out called "The House".

A brief synopsis is there is a couple that moves into a  new house and the hidden old mountain cabin next door is empty.  One night the man, David, hears noises and see's lights.   The next morning, through a chain of events they begin to research the old place and find out it is the site of many murder/suicides.   

And that is all I will tell you about it except that it takes place in the Mountains of North Carolina.  So I have had to do some research on superstitions of my area because you know those hill folk, they have a ton of them.  

A few of them I have found interesting because they aren't just hill superstitions but ones I have heard all my life such as:

Don't pick up a penny on tails and keep it, give it to the next person you see to give them good luck.

If a bird flies into your house there will be a death in your family.

Death always comes in three, as does bad luck.

Don't cut your hair on Sunday because it will grown back quicker. (I guess if it's a bad hair cut then that could be considered a good thing! LOL)

Nonetheless, I have found several sites with some interesting superstitions.  So my question is: what are some you know?

I look forward to hearing your responses! :)

Have a great day and check back in tomorrow! 


  1. All of the ones on this site but #13...I never heard that as a superstition before.....

    Ironically the one I never heard of is #13 which is considered a bad luck number. LOL

  2. why did it put that mess in the middle of my name???

  3. to me Friday the 13th is usually a good day.
    Philippinos are notorious for being superstitious. And even I follow some now, Drives my husband crazy.....

    1. when you move, before you move anything in the house carry in a cup of rice and a cup of salt. that way you will never go hungry and will always stay grounded.
    2. if the Door slams for no reason, welcome a recently departed (IE... our bedroom door used to slam for no reason, and we would always say, come in Lolo dad, but wipe your feet)
    3. if you have a crying baby throw a handfull of rice to scare the sprites, (Only do this if they wont stop crying, then make someone else clean the rice as not to bring them to you)
    4. if the baby has the hic-ups, a piece of sting from your mouth bunched up on the forehead will make them stop, also a small piece of tissue works too, it really does work.

    I have a bunch more

    1. Well, tell me more, Chris!! LOL I love hearing this stuff and it helps!! :)