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Friday, March 8, 2013

How I am getting the word out!

So I had another Aha! moment yesterday after much headache and frustration.  And some heartbreak as well.

I have just recently added two of my books to Barnes & Noble for sale, and I want to get the word out.  So I jump over to my website and add the buttons.  I make sure they work and they do!  So far so good, right? Ok, that was good I will give that much.

So then I also add a survey at the bottom of sneak peeks and the first 7 chapters of "The House"  the new one I am currently working on.  I am so excited about it...I just can't stand it.  I just want to hear what people think about it...will it be a wash or will it be a rave?  

So now I am sure that I have it done, how to get the word out?  WHAM! It hits me, go post it all on Facebook and let my friends help me spread the word.  I get all kinds of excited and that is what I do, but that isn't quite the end result.

I envisioned copious amounts of shares going on, that worst case scenario I would only have a dozen or so people sharing, but that is start, right?  Sure, right...

I posted to my Facebook page and waited for my friends to share the posts...I waited all day.  I had two shares.   One from my bestie and one from my fiance (because I asked him to on my way walking past him!), that was it.  I heard crickets literally from my laptop.  *deep sigh*  It appears  the way FB is set up,  unless your peeps on online at the moment or go check your wall, there is a good chance they won't see it.

So today, I was determined to find a way to get the word out.  My bread and butter (and my dogs food) depends on me making just a little extra money a month, so I need to make sure I get the word out!  I am proud of my work, I want to show it off as well!! SOoooooooooooooo, this morning I post again on Facebroke (not at all happy with that right now!), and low and behold I had some shares!  Now I am tickled but not quite satisfied.  

What to do, what to do?  BOOK CLUBS!  So onto G+ I go to spread the word.  I am waiting for a response, but maybe, just maybe this might be a way to go.

Oh, and if anybody stumbles upon this, check out my website at Nan Carder Sneak Peeks...I know I am just shameless...LOL


  1. Do you do a print version? I just got into the giveaways on Goodreads (got my first today). It is a good way to some attention for your book, but it is only for print.


    1. Just to clarify: I just received a book, not put one up for giveaway.