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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I took the Plunge!

You are not going to believe this!  I finally took the plunge!  No, no, I haven't gotten married!  I finally am on twitter.  No! Really.  Quit laughing already!

I am the first to say when it comes to the electronic media I am a chicken and get extremely confused!  Seriously confused.  Look, if it wasn't for the fact I found an extremely excellent writer who self publishes and was willing to teach I would have never published my first book.  I had NO clue except for a smattering of html that I knew from when I was younger and wanted to build web pages...Oh, no worries that phase has come and gone.  I LOVE to write, therefore, you are stuck with me for now! LOL

I have been after my child (he is 19 so he knows this stuff since he uses the thing!) to teach me.  We never got around to it.  Since I am taking my time going to my next work in progress, I decided to take yet another stab at this twitter thing.  

For those who have yet to brave it, go to the FAQ page, hit the tour button and VOILA! you wouldn't believe how easy it is after you read the directions (For the record, yes sometimes I skip that step!)

So far so good, right?  Right.  So now that I have lined up some folks I want to follow I come to find out I already have 3 followers!  Imagine that!  I am so tickled I had to blog about it!  LOL  If you want to find me here is what you click: Nan Carder on Twitter!

Oh, and just thought I would let you know.  Within the next 2 weeks I will be releasing "The House".  My first suspense.  *crosses fingers*  I think it's outstanding.  I love the ending (I am sure it will be unexpected by many!).  I can't wait for YOU to read it!

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  1. Love your website. You have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award