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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Me + Twitter = Confused, Confused, Confused!!!

Wow!  I looked at my twitter account and I have 41 followers. LOL  Pretty good for making like maybe 5 retweets or tweets in the last few days.

Let me tell you, I had to resort to asking my 19 year old son how to use the darn thing.  No joke.  I am just not as young and hip as I used to be.  I have found this out the hard way!

Our conversations go something like this:

Me:  What does the hashtag thing work?
Son:  *heavy sigh*  Really?  Ok, so (and then I fade out and hear) blah blah blah....are you listening to me?
Me:  Yes, of course.
Son:  So what did I just say?
Me giving him a blank look
Son: See!  Now pay attention.  It's not that hard.
Me:  eyes roll into the back of my head
Son:  Just give me your laptop. *sigh*  What did you want to say?
Me: I don't know....
Son gets up and leaves the room with no further conversation.
Me calling out sadly:  No, please don't go...I am so confused!
Son:  Later Mom.
Me: *heavy sigh*

So I may have figured out how to set the darn thing up, figured out what some of it is but ya know, the rest of it confuses me.  

Not just confusion, major loss.  I stare blankly and read other's tweets all the while chuckling at what they are saying, clicking their links and then thinking to myself 'Why can't I do this?'  So I have determined that it's not my age (a very young 40ish) it's my mind.  Twitter does not seem as straight forward to me as say Facebook was or myspace *yes, I still cruise around there sometimes* .  I don't understand the rules.  I have found some awesome articles that direct me on proper usage, how to get peoples attention. 

One article by Derek Halpern tells me that I should be funny or informative.  I cock my head to the side and become thoughtful.  Me...funny?  Hummm, is that possible.  I am not seeing that.  My confusion about some of the "simple" things in life that my son finds amusing when I take them on others probably would not.

So what was the other article you ask?  Oh, that helpful nugget was written by Michael Hyatt and where I find his article a source of inspiration I wonder if this will ever sink in?  He says "link with others" which I take to share with the world and the world will be interested in sharing with you.  With those I follow and that is many (not nearly as many as some I have noticed!), I see they like to share.  I have no problem enjoying their posts.  Would they really want to read about my struggle with twitter?

I don't know but I suppose we are about to find out.  I am going back to study their articles again. *raises glass of coke* Here's to teaching this well aged dog new tricks.

*calls out* Son, Son, how do I post this on twitter again???

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